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Online Payment Booking

Book your payments safely and securely online or call our trade desk to speak with a dealer at your convenience.

Tuition Payments

Paying money overseas for school tuition and other education expenses is easy with Premier Forex Services.

Investment & Immigration

Need to transfer money for a foreign investment or maybe moving to another country, we have you covered.

Trading Settlement

Easy view and reprint all of your trade and payment details including making your settlement payments to pay for your exchanges.

Foreign Property Purchases

Purchasing a new home abroad for retirement or holidays? No problem, Premier Forex has experience in foreign mortgage and property payments.

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Spot Contracts

Spot transactions are quick and usually a good option for most transfers. When you personally or your business need to pay any payment other than your home currency Premier Forex provides same day to up to 3-day money transfers to nominated accounts for all major currencies.

Spot transactions can be provided in any convertible currency pair including emerging market currencies.

Forward Contracts

You can fix the exchange rate at today’s value for a specific time in the future.

A Fixed forward Contract

Able to fix the exchange rate at today’s value for a specific time in future.

Time Option contract

Not a big difference compared to the forward contract. The only difference is that you can start utilizing the time option totally or partly at any time between the dates you fixed the rate and its maturity.

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