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  • About Us

    The company was established in 2017 and it’s been growing naturally due to it’s excellent customer service and intelligent business operations. Premier Forex has been handling cross-border payments.


    Fully Compliant and Regulated Organization

    As certain regions are identified as high risk regions resulting in comprehensive withdrawal of financial institutions mainly banks, Premier Forex focuses on individual entities and actual parties in the transaction instead of blanket decisions and have in the process developed the most robust mechanisms to handle financial transactions fully compliant with the regulating authorities.

    Premier Forex is an Authorized payment institution, registered with the financial conduct Authority under number 932702 We are also registered with HMRC as a money transmitter under registration number XMML00000113687.

    Global Banking Network

    Premier Forex is globally connected to many different banks which helps in ease of payments and speedy financial transactions and routing. This allows our customers to have the best outreach and excellent service. All our partner banks have been fully vetted and accepted by our compliance procedures.


    Payments with Ease

    It’s easier to do international dealings and payments through our purpose-built online app instead of heavy duty financial toolkit. The app is easy to use, comprehensive and can move your payments on a single finger-tap in a mobile.


    Transactions only

    Premier Forex only deals in tangible goods and financial transactions. The business model is to work with only business to business entities and we don’t speculate in currency markets, futures and investment and neither we are interested in the products for which the financial transactions are performed. All payments we deal with are in accordance with an identified transaction and fully backed by a corresponding invoice.


    End to End Monitoring

    We track all transactions and monitor them 100% non stop to ensure that we protect your interests and good name.We not only exchange currencies for you but are there to support your business.